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AlmostDoug is a user on the Fire Emblem Awakening board. He has an alt, named AlmostDiamond, for whenever he gets fired up and insults someone, resulting in a suspension. Unfortunately, AnriHeroKing managed to get AlmostDiamond banned, so AlmostDoug uses LucinasMother, an alt he borrowed from Simon-for-Smash, instead.,


"WITH A VENGEANCE!" Doug's reaction to almost anything.

AlmostDoug is funny and often sarcastic. He shows subtle (and sometimes obvious) homo ways towards the Fire Emblem characters, particularly Hector, and mentions being like Inigo. He shows a love for Tharja and Yuri. He often makes smart comments.


Writes Outsiders, and is a frequent, chaotic voter on many others.


  • Was insisting on the current method of determining pairings in the committee from the beginning, and finally received support thanks to UnknownUber and Ephraim8's feud over Tiki.
  • His favorite Yuri pairing is that of TharjaxOlivia, and he shares this with DatOliviaTho. They both lust for fanart of the two.
    • In response to his signature's demands for TharjaxOlivia fanart, fellow user StudiousThug created some "fanart" depicting "Tharja x Olivia" (which can be viewed at the URL ). AlmostDoug promptly threatened to kill StudiousThug; the would-be troll responded with disarming amiability.
  • In response to TharjaxOlivia, the two waifs have retaliated by making their favorite Yaoi pairing AlmostDougxDatOliviaTho and are awaiting fanart.
  • Has been known to do feminine things, such as ovulate, and claimed to be a fangirl.

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