Turawn64 Turawn64 18 May 2015

Advice for moderation

My topic on that Fire Emblem if board asking Fire Emblem fans thought about Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem got deleted for being off-topic and i personally think that is unfair and all that stuff

I replied twice and now if i reply again a admin will see it and that stuff so i am wondering if anyone knows a way i can get my topic back on the board or should i just give up

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AnriHeroKing AnriHeroKing 4 February 2015

The mods hate this wiki...

Let's write an article about them that's even more offensive and derogitory then any other article on moderators in the history of GameFAQs! Who's with me?!

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Raised By Wolves Raised By Wolves 25 October 2014

What is this?

So I look for a Fire Emblem Wiki, and here I am finding this. The hell is this? I'm outraged.

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