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Charlie's only picture of him not screaming

CharlieRegal (also known as Jakescharlie) is a user on the Awakening Boards. However, he uses the Jakescharlie account, as the original, CharlieRegal, was suspended for a time and subsequently banned, because he is a massive bitch.


Charlie introduced himself saying that Inteliligent Systems was part of the Ilumminati. He didn't start getting famous until he opened up about his sexuality in "Intellegent Systems is Lazy?! (no fanboys please)". He revealed that he has an incestuous relationship with his half-cousin Jake.


It's pretty damn hard to define Charlie's personality. I don't even know if he's human. Charlie is submissive and easily tempered, as shown with his relationship with AlmostDoug (see below).


  • AlmostDoug: Charlie is incredibly Tsundere for him and he is one the driving forces that causes Charlie to act this way. The two had decently-long PM conversations, full of comedy.
  • UnknownUber: He briefly defended Charlie after he was accused of being Lemmy-Koopa, however Charlie promptly told him to fuck off.
  • Lemmy-Koopa: Pretended to be the mastermind of Charlie to try and crack open his true identity, but failed miserably after a trial. Charlie has a huge grudge against him for starting Isadora hate topics.
  • Isadora: His Waifu who he will defend until the end that Lemmy promised him.
  • RadiantGod: One of Charlie's most hated enemies, usually because of pointing out Charlie's stupidity in topics, and making the Official Charlieregal Unappreciation Topic, which was removed for so-called "off topic posting." Probably because of his clusterfuck of bullshit about Isaboring.