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Homosexual pairings, or same sex pairings, is a controversial topic that pops up often of the Awakening board. Due to the marriage feature, a vocal minority, or various trolls, has risen and from time to time make topics asking about why same sex marriages are not a thing in the game or whether future Fire Emblem games should have them.

Past entries

Past games have had their share of homosexual characters or at least hinting to such. Examples include...

Heather from Radiant Dawn, a woman who very much dislikes men and joins th

e team to meet all the pretty girls (and to .

In Blazing Sword, Legault makes a suspect comment about love towards Heath.

In Sacred Stones, the extent of the friendship between Ephraim and Lyon (and Eirika, but focusing on the former two for this topic) is very much left open to the imagination, and it is not difficult at all to wander in that direction.

The Arguments

Those who say same sex pairings need to be a thing may accuse the lack of representation of being  active and blatant oppression and intolerance, or something on the lines. Also they may bring up past characters being gay. The counter arguments tend to be that same sex marriages do no favors for the children mechanic - two men or two women cannot produce a child, which was kind of a huge thing for Awakening. Also typically mentioned is that same sex marriage is not a thing in Japan, where the game is made, so what business does Intelligent Systems have included something that their own nation does not approve of? Another point still is that the addition of such characters run the risk of being poorly written and full of stereotypes, which would then result in the very people complaining about no representation now complaining that they are represented in such a poor manner. There is much, much more to it, but it usually ends up in back and forth arguing that ends up nowhere until the topic is eventually closed.

Current running examples: