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Starting Class Lord (What were you expecting)
Birthday September 1, 19XX
Character Popularity Poll Ranking 6th place
Assigned Partner None.... yet
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"Day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, and yesterday a deer, and today, you"

Rangerike1 is a member of BC. Commonly referred to as Rike he is a veteran of BC. Is known as the Omnipresent Lurker God because of his constant lurking and being everywhere at once. A known watcher of the animu's he has over 100 watched on his list.

Ikeness Edit

Like Fede's Feeling It! quotes, Rike makes Ike quotes Like I fight for my friends! or You'll get not sympathy from me. Sometimes even combining the two and saying I fight for no sympathy! (Doesn't do it as often anymore)

Relationships Edit

AlmostDoug Edit

Doug and Rike have a bromance. Zelda-chan shipped Doug and Ike together but it never really went anywhere ;_;They once had an argument about coffee tables that didn't amount to much. Doug gave Rike the nickname Rike (Reich).

Federico585 Edit

Federico and Rike have a bromance(no homo). One of the first people Rike really interacted with since joining. They have gone on countless adventures together, like braving the Sex Ed Chatzy and Elswording it up in Elrios.

MercWithNoShirt Edit

Merc is Rike's first Kouhai. They both share a love of Gintama. They would also hunt monsters on Monster Hunter some but since Rike's internet was so shitty they didn't do it as much.

HinduKushh Edit

Rike and Kushh are pretty good friends. Ike respects Kushh's devotion to Full House and Kushh respects Ike's tendency to fight for his friends. Kushh would talk to Rike whenever he needed to vent and Rike would offer all the sympathy he could

Trivia Edit

  • Is a fan of the Tales of Series
  • Is temporarily paired with Michelle from the Full House Committee.
  • Has a strong dislike of "Lets Plays"
  • Favorite Smash Character is (Drum Roll) IKE.
  • Non FE Waifu is Kotomi Ichinose.
  • Has a fetish for yellow eyes HNNNNNNNNG.