Sliced-Bread (formerly known as Ryugin55) is a user on the Fire Emblem Awakening board.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Sliced is funny and often makes funny comments, not unlike AlmostDoug. Sliced also started the Pairing Committee in the Chess Board, given to him by Simon-For-Smash.

EndgamexLissa[edit | edit source]

Sliced was an avid preacher of the renowned pairing, EndgamexLissa but he eventually stopped near the Winter of 2014 and was in favor of getting rid of the pairing so as to make the Committee look more credible. However, as of early 2015, Sliced seems to be pushing it again despite EndgamexAshera still being official. At first Sliced began preaching EndgamexLissa just to spite Pikablu due to his annoying mini essays, but soon did it to spite Endgame himself because of Endgame saying Sliced's favorite Fire Emblem, The Sacred Stones, sucks.

Pairing Committee[edit | edit source]

N/A at the moment

Ike[edit | edit source]


Despite Ike fighting for his friends, giving his enemies no sympathy, and his DLC being the one that gives you Limit Breaker, Ike is Sliced's least favorite main Fire Emblem character and said if he had the chance, he'd punch him the face. Sliced is also convinced Ike is a female for whatever reason and thinks every game he's been in that calls him a guy are merely just typos. Wait, so Sliced would want to punch a lady? HOW UNCHIVALROUS! Lastly, Ike was even nominated as Sliced's pairing by Ephraim, but due to the lack of reasoning and all the other heads not wanting to troll Sliced by giving him such a pairing, it gained zero votes.

Suplexing[edit | edit source]

Mega-Rayquaza Train!? Can Sliced suplex even that!?

Sliced is credited for being able to suplex trains, dragons, and galaxies, something attributed by AlmostDoug and DatOliviaTho. Because of this, many trains and dragons cower in the presence of Sliced in fear of being suplexed. Federico585 has been the most affected by this, as Sliced has previously suplexed his Stardust Dragon, his Majestic Star Dragon, and the F***/Ray Train. Although knowing how Ray is, Federico assumed there was plenty of d*** sucking on Ray's part if it happened, an idea Sliced tried to refute.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His Waifu is Maribelle.
  • He is DatOliviaTho's Senpai, but DOT practically worships him.
  • Sliced's favorite animes are Trigun, Gurren Lagaan, Baka and Test, Katanagatari, GunxSword, Hellsing Ultimate, FLCL, Toradora, Akame ga Kill, and Nichijo.

Katanagatari - Last Battle

Sliced's Theme.

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