During the summer of 2014, a series of fad topics were very quickly being created, each with the name "This game ruined my (real life thing) IRL." This trend was a jab towards user PKNintendo, who had created the original topic: "This game killed my friendship IRL".

It started out by PKNintendo telling the board that his friendship was ruined because he told his friend, who waifued Nah, that he was a pedophile. This lead to his friend and him getting into a huge fight leading to PK's ostracisation IRL. The topics made by PKNintendo mainly concerned his revenge plans against his friend, such as putting a rotting fish in his mailbox. Anyway, the anti-lolicon s*** quickly caused the discussion to focus on the morality of lolicon, with Chrizzel28 leading the charge for the lolicon side, as expected of him.

Another huge facet of the topic series was posters in the topics pretending the topic series was a movie series.

After this discussion died down he tried to rekindle the flames by making a sequel to his previous topic, essentially saying that he ruined his friend's life as a response to his friend breaking his leg. With each subsequent installment, the hype died down a little.